Our Philosophy

phil2D. S. Howland, CFA was a pioneer in the use of quantitative methods such as Price/Earnings (P/E), Price/Sales (P/S), and Price/Earnings/Growth (PEG) ratios when personal computers and the requisite databases were being developed.  With over three decades of experience and technology, she has developed a systematic and replicable investment strategy to generate sustainable investment returns with regards to risk.

The investment philosophy capitalizes on finding temporary inequities in stock prices determined by quantitative methods.  The investment philosophy is not overly concerned with macro-economic factors or chasing trends within sectors.

The investment philosophy is guided by the principle that stocks of companies with higher-than-average projected earnings growth and lower-than-average PEG ratios are often the best candidates for investment.

To implement the investment philosophy, a multi-factor matrix designed at Howland and Associates monitors prices, earnings, growth, sales, capitalization, liquidity, number and experience of qualified analysts, earnings growth estimates, the credibility of those estimates, earnings surprise, ownership, legal insider trading activity, pending lawsuits, and regulatory filings to find values that have been overlooked by other investors.

Portfolio asset allocation is sector neutral with respect to the benchmark index used to measure the respective portfolio.  Exchange Traded Funds may be held in some sectors of the portfolio.

Client investment objectives, risk tolerance, and desires are served with nuance using three different equity investment styles; Opportunistic Growth, Core, and Defensive.

Please see our ADV Part II (link) for a complete description of our investment philosophy and process.