We Specialize in Finding Opportunities

opps900The strategy is simple at Howland and Associates.  We buy undervalued stocks.  To find these opportunities, we use systematic approach, consistently, and unbiased opinions.

We have a philosophy and system for investing.  We seek imbalances and inequities within the stock market using data.  We are an OPPORTUNISTIC BUYER, in effect taking advantage of emotional sellers while maintaining our focus on valuation.  We analyze the price we would pay for each stock in our database regularly, then check that against the current price, looking for outstanding prices.

We look for individual stocks to buy without emotions, trends, or media influence.  We do not predict the price of gold, bond rates, or macro-economic factors.  We look at individual stocks from the bottom-up.

We use metrics, among them Price/Earnings Ratio and PEG Ratio. We use technology to filter out the noise.

We believe there is a difference between a good stock and a good company.

We have a 20 year track record of success.  Contact us to learn more.