About Us

aboutUslgHowland and Associates specializes in serving the stock investment needs of wealthy families and individuals with regard to risk, competitive fees, tax efficiency, and superior customer service.

Howland and Associates, LLC is a Registered Investment Adviser.  We have a fiduciary responsibility and always serve our client’s best interest.

Howland and Associates was founded in 1992. D. S. Howland, CFA owns 100% of her firm and is not affiliated with any other financial institution.  D.S. Howland, CFA holds the same assets as her clients in her personal portfolio.

D. S. Howland, CFA was a pioneer in the use of quantitative methods such as Price/Earnings (P/E), Price/Sales (P/S), and Price/Earnings/Growth (PEG) ratios when personal computers and the requisite databases were being developed.  With over three decades of experience and technology, she has developed a systematic and replicable approach to using this investment strategy to generate sustainable investment returns for clients of Howland and Associates.